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    Angel Award Winner for The Harvest Video

In 1977, Mary Dorr founded the Angel Awards to honor those creative people in motion pictures, television, radio, books, albums and all other forms of the media who were turning out works of excellence that had either high moral, spiritual, or social impact.

Today the International Angel Awards, covered by more than 100 press outlets worldwide, gives Angel statuettes to the best films, television shows, and to a host of books, albums, videos, stage plays, and other works in the field of communications.

On the 30th anniversary of Excellence In Media, President Reagan commended Mrs. Dorr for her "outstanding accomplishments" and her "contributions to the cause of wholesome entertainment which has made America a better place in which to live and raise a family."

Excellence In Media, the parent organization for the Angel Awards, takes great pride in the world famous celebrities who have participated: Dr. Norman Vincent and Ruth Peale, Rhonda Fleming, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, John Templeton of The Templeton Funds, Bill and Vonette Bright, Steve Allen and Jayne Meadows, Art Linkletter, Audrey Meadows, Dr. Pat Robertson, Pat Boone, Bill and Joan Brown, Paul Winfield, Connie Stevens, Joseph Barbara and William Hanna, Ernie Banks, Diane Sawyer, Michael Landon, Red Buttons, Randy Travis and many others.

Some Previous Angel Award Winners:

FILM - Forrest Gump, Jurassic Park, Driving Miss Daisy, Chariots of Fire

TELEVISION - Home Improvement, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Cosby, Touched By An Angel, Little House on the Prairie

ANIMATION - The Greatest Adventure Stories From the Bible

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